Wheat BundleEdit

Often used to make bread it is a very common item

Recipe: Wheat + Wheat 

Uncooked BreadEdit

You might to cook this you know? Before you die of a terrible bread disease

Recipe: Dough into Item

Uncooked Corn BreadEdit

Bread made of corn

Recipe: Dough + Corn




Uncooked Blueberry PieEdit

A pie made which blueberrys inside

Recipe: Dough + Blueberry


A cake! with... fruit.

Recipe: Dough + Blueberry + Grape + Strawberry

Grape JuiceEdit

A cup full of grape juice *cough* wine *cough*

Recipe: Glass Cup + Grape

Blueberry JuiceEdit

A nice glass of cool refreshing blueberry juice

Recipe: Glass Cup + Blueberry

Blueberry PackEdit

A plastic container full of blueberrys

Recipe: Pure Plastic + Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry

Strawberry PackEdit

Lot's of edible strawberrys that refill hunger and thirst!

Recipe: Pure Plastic + Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry

Survival PackEdit

A pack full of all the esentials, food and water.

Recipe: Pure Plastic + Canned Meat + Bottled Water


Wooden Barricade: Stock Wood x2

Brick Wall: Pile of Bricks x2

Wet Sand: "Wet" Sand

Sand Block: Wet Sand x2

Sand Wall: Sand Block x3

Clay: Cook Wet Sand

Tied Metal Bar: Scrap Metal x2

Bonded Metal Bar: Burning Metal x2 or burning Tied Metal Bar

Glass Pane: Glass x2

Glass Cup: Glass

Rope: Stalk

String (x2): Rope

Pure Plastic: "Burn" Discarded Plastic


Metal Blade: Hit burning metal with hammer[Burns for a Limited Time]


Bio-Diesel: Corn/Small Leaves [Process]

Gas Container: Pure Plastic x2/Gasoline

Gun ItemsEdit

Scope: Burning Metal + Glass

Vehicle ItemsEdit

Engine: Burning Metal x2 + Wire + Rope + Gasoline


Building SetsEdit

Makeshift Set: Tied Metal Bar + Wooden Barricade x3 ( Makeshift Gate, Makeshift Wall, Makeshift Corner )

Stable/Colony Set: Bonded Metal Bar + Wooden Baricade x3 ( Colony Gate, Stable Wall, Stable Corner )

Makeshift Brick Set: Brick Wall x3 + Tied Metal Bar ( Makeshift Brick Gate, Makeshift Brick Wall, Makeshift Brick Corner )

Wired Brick Set: Bonded Metal Bar + Brick Wall x3 + Wire + Circuit Board ( Wired Brick Gate, Wired Brick Wall, Wired Brick Corner )

Dock Set: Bonded Metal Bar + Wooden Barricade x2 + Stock Wood x2

Adobe Set: Sand Wall x4 + Stock Wood x2


Forge: Bricks x2 + Scrap Metal + Stock Wood x2

Sand Water Filter: Tied Metal Bar + Scrap Metal + Sand

Makeshift Warehouse: Tied Metal Bar x2 + Wood Barricade x2

Stable Warehouse: Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Wooden Barricade x2

Makeshift Wooden Dock: Wooden Barricade + Stock Wood x3


Electric Fence: Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Stock Wood x2 + Circuit Board

Solar Panel/Wind Turbine: Bonded Metal Bar x3 + Wooden Barricade x2 + Stock Wood + Circuit Board + Wire


Small Shelter: Tied Metal Bar x2 + Wooden Barricade

Medium Shelter: Tied Metal Bar x3 + Wooden Barricade + Glass Pane

Small Brick Shelter: Brick Wall x2 + Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Stock Wood

Medium Brick Shelter: Brick Wall x3 + Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Stock Wood x2


Stable Ladder: Bonded Metal x2 + Stock Wood x2 + Nail

Small Stable Ladder: Bonded Metal + Stock Wood x2 + Nail

Wooden Ladder: Stock Wood x4 + Nail

Small Wooden Ladder: Stock Wood x3 + Nail

Farming / FoodEdit

Makeshift Mill: Tied Metal Bar + Wooden Barricade + Stock Wood

Stable Mill: Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Burning Metal + Stock Wood x2

Greenhouse: Bonded Metal Bar x2 + Stock Wood x2 + Window Pane x2


870 MCS: 870 MCS

AK-47: AK-47

GOL Sniper Magnum: GOL Sniper Magnum

LAZ 2: LAZ 2

Pistol: Pistol

Rifle: Rifle

Scoped Rifle: Scope + Rifle(Not tool)


Bucket: Burning Metal + Rope

Faulty Lighter: Discarded Plastic + Gasoline

Plastic Lighter: Pure Plastic + Gasoline

Gas Container: Pure Plastic x2 + Gasoline

Wiring Pliers: Metal Blade + Pure Plastic

Crude Fishing Rod: Scrap Metal + String x2

Fishing Rod: Burning Metal + String x2

Metal Bar: Scrap Metal

Crowbar: Burning Metal

Radio/Clock: Pure Plastic x2 + Circuit Board + Wire

Torch: Stock Wood + Rope+ Gasoline